Hearthstone Green Mountain 60

Hearthstone 2020 EPA approved Woodstove Green Mountain 60



The new Green Mountain 60 by Hearthstone is stove will comfortably heat 900 to 1600 square feet.  This Hybrid combustion system has vermiculite baffles, combustion tubes and a catalytic combustor for a very clean burning EPA Rating of 0.6g/hr The firebox is lined with Hearthstones signature soapstone, giving it an extra durable feel.

Combined Combustion System: Clean burning and Efficient, the Combined Combustion Catalyst system the Green Mountain 60 uses surpasses the EPA’s 2020 requirements

2.0 cubic foot firebox: Spacious firebox accepts up to 18″ logs.

Unmatched fire viewing:  Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignites the gases rising off the burning wood. The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate.


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