Technical Information

Dimensions width: 16.9″
Dimensions height: 29.9″
Dimensions depth: 25.59″
Weight: 165 lbs

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A popular choice for cottage saunas, Harvia 20 ES Pro is a practical stove that provides a good, hot sauna bath. The 20-litre water container at the front of the stove is easy to use. Water will be heated by the time your sauna is ready for bathing. Through the cast-iron glass door the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. The sturdy 10 mm fire space cover ensure durability. The stove features a big stone space and an air-flow spoiler made of stainless steel. The stove is also equipped with adjustable legs.

The outer casing of the Harvia 20 ES Pro stove is painted graphite black. Harvia 20 ES Pro S stove’s outer casing is stainless steel.

The recommended size of the sauna room is 8–20 m3 and the maximum amount of stones is 40 kg.


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